Social Security Disability

Joe has spent thirty-seven years assisting individuals seeking disability benefits under Title II of the Disability Act. Joe was a former disability examiner for the Social Security Administration.

Although the Social Security Administration gives people the idea they do not need an attorney at the initial stages of the disability evaluation process, this may be detrimental to a claim. To the contrary, the initial stages are the critical period when one must adequately document his case so he has the best opportunity to be allowed early in the process. In evaluating disability one must look at all impairments in relation to age, education, and residual capacity to work.

An attorney must be familiar with various medical impairments and how they relate to the disability claim. Social security uses a list of medical impairment categories and applies vocational factors in deciding whether an individual is considered disabled. An attorney’s job is to make sure these factors are applied fully and fairly to the disability claimant.

Our firm takes great pride in making sure our clients have the best opportunity and receive the benefits they are entitled to. If you believe you are disabled and entitled to receive social security benefits, call us for a free consultation.

Business Law

If you need assistance setting up your new business, general business advice or help selling your business, we are here to help. Over the past 35 years, we have assisted clients in setting up new businesses, given ongoing legal advice to business owners, dealt with collection issues, employment issues, as well as business sales and termination.

Our attorneys have first-hand experience in running small businesses and as a result can assist you with their experience in running small businesses in the Branson area. Joe has owned and operated a Ford dealership, motorcycle dealership, boat dealership, resort, and several restaurants over the years. Anna assisted with many of those businesses and ran a flower shop and deli as well.

We are happy to assist you with the set up, operation, sale or termination of your business.

Estate Planning

We assist with the following estate planning documents:

•Will – Creating a will is an essential estate planning tool. If you have a will, upon your death, the courts will know your wishes for the distribution of your property. It is especially important for people who are single or have no children to create a will as a natural beneficiary of your assets may not be apparent to the court

•Durable Power of Attorney – A durable power of attorney allows someone to transact business on your behalf while you are alive. The person you designate has full power granted in the power of attorney at all times

•Power of Attorney for Health Care – A power of attorney for health care designates who you would like to make medical decisions on your behalf if you are unable to do so. This document also directs whether you would like to be kept alive by artificial means also know as life support

•Trust – A trust is a great estate planning tool that will help keep all of your trust assets out of the probate court upon death and privately distribute them according to your wishes. A trust is a private document that may also help protect your assets against long term care facilities (though specific and ever-changing rules apply)


We handle traffic tickets in most Missouri jurisdictions. If you receive a traffic ticket, it is important to consult an attorney as paying the ticket could result in costly points being assessed against your driver’s license resulting in and increase in your automobile insurance premium. In some cases, you may also lose your driver’s license if you receive too many points in a certain period of time.

Auto Titles

If you are having difficulty obtaining a title to a vehicle you own, you may be able to obtain a court ordered title. Contact us today to see if we can help.

Timeshare/Vacation Club Rescission

Our office has handled hundreds of timeshare rescission cases. Many timeshare companies hire sales representatives that will tell consumers whatever they think they will believe to make a sale. Many times the people that are taken advantage of the most are the elderly. Misrepresentations are made about what is being purchased such as what benefits are included with the purchase, how much the maintenance fees will be, etc. Also, high pressure sales tactics are used to sell these products, the customer is told that the price is only good that day, they have no time to discuss or think about the purchase, customers are not allowed to go to the restroom or eat during the purchase, etc. Often, these tactics violation Missouri’s Merchandising Practices Act, Chapter 407. If you feel you have been taken advantage of or a product you have purchased was misrepresented, contact us so that we may evaluate your case.


We handle Chapter 7 bankruptcy cases in the Western District of Missouri. In order to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy you must meet income guidelines and perform credit counseling sessions. Call us today to see if you qualify.